Residential CCTV

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Residential CCTV Systems


Our residential CCTV installations start from £550 and are an excellent investment.

Our CCTV engineer will visit you to help you to select a system from our range of products to create the ideal CCTV package for your home.

All our Residential CCTV Packages come with a 1TB DVR and 2 megapixel 1080p HD day/ night Cameras. This ensures that you get an excellent picture quality during the day and night. Plus with the 1TB DVR you can rest assure that you will have more then enough storage space.

We also do bespoke CCTV Systems with remote view and monitored CCTV Systems which include PTZ Cameras and IP Cameras over digital networks. Please speak to one of our security consultants to discuss your needs and we can provide you with a quality CCTV system for your premises.

Securecom use products which have been approved and tested with the British Standards Council. With a number of key buildings throughout the UK protected by our systems, you can rest assured that the equipment we specify for your property will be the correct solution.

As standard, we provide a completely free no obligation survey of your premises. Our security consultants are on hand to help you choose the best solution for your individual requirements. For your free no obligation quotation call us on
01279 730 343.

Commercial CCTV

Secure Your Premises

Commercial CCTV


Crime in the business sector is increasing with six out of ten businesses being victims of crime in the last year.

Crime costs businesses £19 million annually and 10% have lost business as a consequence of crime.(BCC Survey 2004).

We can design a CCTV system around your particular needs. For example as well as providing peace of mind for your security requirements, cameras can also provide a very effective management tool for monitoring industrial processes for Health & Safety reasons as well as being able to observe all your cameras remotely over your existing computer network and the internet.

We can also provide customised solutions and services to help keep your growing business secure. Installing a CCTV System is one of the most effective ways of deterring theft, damage and controlling asset management at your business. It may not be as expensive as you think! An Entry level system comprising of four cameras and digital recorder can be professionally installed for less than £800(subject to site survey).

By utilising your existing computer network infrastructure CCTV cameras can be added for low start-up and operating costs.

PTZ Pan / Tilt / Zoom cameras can also be controlled remotely over the internet by the simple click of the mouse, you are able to move your camera up / down or zoom in / out.

IP Connectivity

Remote viewing from Smart phone

IP Remote Access


CCTV Systems have certainly advanced over the past ten years. The first major advancment came in the form of the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and digital low voltage CCTV Cameras doing away with the time lapse video recorders and larger cumbersome CCTV Cameras.

We then gained the ability to remote view our systems with the help of fast speed broadband. Now we have the ability to log into our system from anywhere in the world using our Smart Device and the 4G network, removing the need to be on a pc or laptop.

With our remote viewable systems you can keep an eye on your home or business wherever you are. The systems record for at least 4 weeks via an on site recording unit and they can also be viewed on a traditional web browser without the need for any special software.

If you have an existing CCTV installation we can convert it so that it is compatible with the Smartphone applications. This may be a more cost effective option for larger CCTV systems.

All the camera information is secure with no data being saved on your phone, zones and grids can also be set up to alert you if a specific area detects movement. All these features really do put you in total control.

Our Security consultants will give you a free demonstration upon request call our team now on 01279 730 343 and see how we can help you.