Commercial CCTV

Direct Home Removals & Storage.

Client: Direct Moves.



They required a CCTV system that met with strict insurance standards including anti vandal night vision cameras with over 28 days recorded data storage and cables that cannot be reached and cut externally.

Difficulties overcome

We were able to run the cables directly through the walls straight into the back of the Sony anti vandal night vision cameras. We also supplied a 19inch monitor and a DVR that stored more data than required all within the budget given.

Their testimonial

" The equipment was easy to use, we were able to monitor the system via mobile phone or computer outside business hours, which is invaluable. No external cables were visible, the job was carried out exactly to our specification, far better quality than was expected"

CCTV Installation

Residential CCTV system.

Personal Emergency response



Having moved into a new home knowing there had been burglaries in the area, they wanted a discreet CCTV system that was easy to operate and could be observed whilst in the home and away from it.

Difficulties overcome

'Non static IP' - Peter and Julie didn't have a static IP broadband provider, which is the common way to view cameras whilst away from home, we were able to overcome this by installing software designed for non static IP users. 'Invisible cabling' - in the areas where cables had to be run externally we used coloured cable to match the house exterior.

Their testimonial

"They programmed a special channel on all our TV's so we can view the cameras around the home, which have been fitted without seeing a single cable! Using night vision we are able to record 24 hours a day, recording continuously storing over a months worth of footage without ever having to touch it. They were very professional, flexible, clean and tidy".

Burglar Alarm

Wireless Residential system.

Residential Burglar Alarm



Having just fully refurbished their home Nat wanted to replace an old burglar alarm system with a wireless one that telephones a member of the family in the event of activation and more importantly has no cables showing.

Difficulties overcome

The control panel using the call when activated feature has to be connected directly to a phone line, which was on the opposite side of the property, to overcome this we run the cable through a disused air vent to the panel thus enabling the feature to be used without any cables on show.

Their testimonial

"System was easy to use, no mess or cables showing. We have 4 numbers programmed in to dial consecutively should the first and so on be busy ensuring that the alert will be answered. Having tested it, it works perfectly. We now feel safe at night and away from home knowing our alarm won't go off without a response".